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Commissions and Custom Orders

A Custom Order is a pre-existing Halcyon Design that a customer would like to have made in colors of their choosing. No additional changes will be made to the design other than color and size, unless the artist has said it is okay. Fat Cat Bakery Custom Orders may include colors and patterns to match specific pets.  The customer has to choose a size based on ones available.

A Commission is an original design that a customer has requested Halcyon Design to make. This process includes personal conversations between the customer and the artist to get the best idea of aesthetic and feel that the customer desires. The customer has to choose a size based on ones available.


Commissions can include but are not limited to:

-The artist Hand Painting a pre-existing logo for a company or name

-Allowing the artist to create a design inspired from customer chosen fandom, character, or location

-Asking the Artist to heavily customize an existing Halcyon Design in more detail than just color or size

For Original Commissions, you'll receive a rough digital layout for edits and approvals. From there, the artist hand paints your design onto wood. Colors and shapes in the digital copy may vary slightly in the final design, based on the nature of the wood surface, and the traditional art style.

Online Orders vs. Convention Orders: - As of March 15, 2022

(for both Custom Orders and Commissions)

Online Orders are only available during times when the artist is able to appropriately schedule time around shows and conventions. Online Order status is displayed on facebook, instagram and Dates for which Online Orders will be Open are listed along with dates of upcoming shows.

Convention Orders are available for up to one month after the show. At each show a Convention Code will be available for prospective customers. This code will allow the customer to request an order during that one month period, regardless of Online Order status. This code must be given to the artist when the customer contacts the artist. Without this code, the customer must wait for Online Order status to open.

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